June 6, 2023


Embrace the Building Blocks of Action through Civic Learning
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Chart through the Numbers with our Economic Trackers
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Uncover the United States through its Fascinating Stories
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Observe our Society in Motion through Poetic Verse
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Test the Winds of Knowledge through Trivia
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Look through the Lens of our Nation's Capital
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EPrimed is Erik’s cabinet of curiosities. Who doesn’t want to learn about how Boston was once flooded with molasses; there’s all kinds of history to dive into right here. Or how about some poetry while you’re knocking back a refreshing Bud Light. You can do that too. How about tracking the economy without all that infotainment punditry? I’ve got you covered. Or maybe you’d like to learn all about Washington D.C. from the comforts of not being in D.C. That’s ready for you too. So, come on in, check it out and feel free to nag me any chance you get. Enjoy EPrimed and have at it!!  

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