February 6, 2023

1984 Election | Reagan vs. Mondale

1984 Presidential Election Electoral Results Map: Reagan 525 votes vs. Mondale 13 votes

“It’s morning again in America”. On November 7, 1984, the nation woke to the reelection of President Ronald Reagan. Inflation was down, the economy was improving, and the “cowboy” from California had the country by his side. Reagan’s 525 electoral votes is the most by any presidential candidate in the nation’s history. His opponent, former Vice President Walter Mondale, was only able to scrape up a sparse 13 electoral votes and barely breached the 40% mark in the popular vote. 

Running counter to the president’s upbeat and encouraging tenor throughout the campaign, Mondale at times took on a darker tone, shedding light on the rising crack epidemic inflicting the nation’s cities, the growing underclass that seemed to be ignored, and the rising budget deficits. In an attempt to rally the women voter around his lackluster campaign, he nominated Representative Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate. Unfortunately for Mondale even women were indifferent to his choice and saw this as more of a Hail Mary or PR stunt than a logical selection. Despite Ronald Reagan’s age and a scattered performance in his first debate that left many questioning his mental state, the incumbent president easily galloped past the finish line and continued to place his mark on the country’s history.