June 6, 2023

2012 Election | Obama vs. Romney

With the country fervently divided the parties put forth a description of two different America’s. In the Republican’s version the nation was falling apart, jobs were disappearing, the deficit was out of control, and the president’s signature healthcare plan was one giant death panel. In the Democrat’s version, the country was finally moving forward from the 2008 financial collapse, the unemployment and deficit rates were decreasing, and the Affordable Care Act had provided affordable healthcare to millions.

The former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney was given the coveted spot as the Republican nominee who would seek to unseat Barack Obama as president. Many within the Republican base viewed Romney as too moderate, and with his party moving so far to the right he became trapped within his own party’s echo chamber. While most considered his time as Governor of Massachusetts a success, he couldn’t use one of his key pieces of legislation in his quest for the presidency. As Governor of the most liberal state in the union, Romney had enacted a healthcare reform law that served as the blueprint for the Affordable Care Act. Consequently the republican candidate too often had to run counter to his past achievements. Though the 2012 election failed to reach the rousing heights of the previous election in terms of turnout and excitement, the voices of the majority were heard and President Obama was elected to a second term.