June 6, 2023

Category: Poetry

What is Real?

What is Real? A fire shines above the torch  Its gleaming light depicting truth But what we see is never clear  An illusion marked by one’s own fear Embedded in her shadowed grace A lifelong plight of mind and body But no one knows, what can’t be seen A reality

The Fog of Hate

The Fog of Hate That spiteful day surprised the world and changed what we call home  A grenade of fear and vengefulness thrown at the halls of Rome  The warning signs were more than clear, from the Mother to the Child  An idea in parasitic form embedded in the wild

One Love

One Love Every time I look to you my breath still fades away Emotions taking over and I don’t know what to say I’m captivated in a scene where nothing else seems real Your beauty and benevolence are all I truly feel I cherish every moment where your smile creates

Iraq War (2004)

Iraq War (2004)  In our world in which we hover so disturbingly divine  Every word in which we utter is a truth that’s hard to find  Our policy toward “freedom”, has brought a great deal of despair   The path we’ve undertaken has now left their world in fear  The future

Her Sullen Face | The Opioid Epidemic

Her Sullen Face Elmira sings a peaceful hymn to hide her sullen face But the queen we see has tears in hand yearning for embrace The southern charm of Anniston lays dormant in the city As broken dreams with little hope torment the Heart of Dixie Hickory had polio near

Many Choices

Many Choices The most important gift of all is the ability to choose To understand that perks in life are mostly up to you The desires that we crave the most are often far away  But there is a choice that you can make every single day  To wait around