June 6, 2023

Her Sullen Face | The Opioid Epidemic

Her Sullen Face

Elmira sings a peaceful hymn to hide her sullen face

But the queen we see has tears in hand yearning for embrace

The southern charm of Anniston lays dormant in the city

As broken dreams with little hope torment the Heart of Dixie

Hickory had polio near the end of World war II

Sweeping through the tar heel town; they’re sensing déjà vu

The Sunshine state has Panama and Gulf Coast Pensacola

The Sooner state has E-town and the city of Oklahoma

There’s Chattanooga, Tennessee and Terre Haute, Indiana

Abandoned lives are being lost in the cities of Texarkana

Wilting in the shadows is the yellow rose of Texas

The tranquilizing numbness, both euphoric and contentious

Drug abuse has set its sights on a town in Old Dominion

The Monticello birthplace of the Father of our Declaration

Her Sullen Face - An abstract painting of a long haired naked woman suffering from her inner demons