June 6, 2023

Iraq War (2004)

Iraq War (2004)

 In our world in which we hover so disturbingly divine

 Every word in which we utter is a truth that’s hard to find

 Our policy toward “freedom”, has brought a great deal of despair 

 The path we’ve undertaken has now left their world in fear

 The future holds uncertainty, as winds are getting strong 

 Our enemies are growing, while our allies have withdrawn

 In an era when the west should be, gathering in strength

 The fabric has been tarnished by our overzealous faith 

 As the cloud emerges over, all the fighting’s from within

 Integrity and truthfulness are wearing rather thin 


 In the world in which we hover so increasingly inept

 Our duplicity is furthered by a realm of right vs. left

 As the nation persists forward toward its dimming destiny

 The outside world is fading from our own obscurity

 It’s time to take a closer look at the fabric of our ways

 To conjure up some answers for the problems that we face

 To see the world in simple terms and mock opposing views

 Has riddled every thread of grace and caused us solitude

 The storms have more than settled in to begin their deadly game

 But what this country needs to do is stop adding fire to the flame

Iraq War