June 6, 2023

The Fog of Hate

The Fog of Hate

That spiteful day surprised the world and changed what we call home 

A grenade of fear and vengefulness thrown at the halls of Rome 

The warning signs were more than clear, from the Mother to the Child 

An idea in parasitic form embedded in the wild


A victim’s scorn had taken hold and spurred their lack of ruth 

A reality of bottled hate where lies became the truth 

They felt the world had passed them by and ridiculed their pain 

Now their plan was set in place as the pawns checkmate the queen


Daughters woke and stared in vain at that ceiling made of glass 

Still hovering for all to see mocking their futile quest 

Others woke consumed with fear as color is not blind

Their families could be torn apart; their loved ones lost in time


With trepidation creeping in the people looked for answers

But all they saw was bitterness hanging from the rafters

The history that swept the land and filled the world with pride

Was brimming with a shameful glee as optimism died


Their hope was gone and in his seat a swindler and a thief 

An insecure and boastful man, a wolf and not a sheep 

Proclivities toward crass and vile propelled him to his throne 

Contempt for norms and social grace intensified his drones


Complacency with hollow words won’t raise us from perdition 

The message should be loud until the fog of hate is lifted 

The midnight hour strikes a chord and brings each morning sun

We stand together, arm and arm and heal our foe as one

The Fog of Hate - The election of Donald Trump